Disk harrow

This is a tractor-driven second ground-finishing multipurpose machine. This instrument lifts up the soil and the weeds, and overturns it. Disc harrow is made of high carbon steel and their edge is 5-7 cm Happens till then. Their edges are sharp, which cut the soil. The discs are attached to a line and the spool is inserted in the middle of the disk which maintains the distance from the disk to...

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This instrument is used for plowing the farm and manipulating the farm. In some crops we can also do weeding. It has 7, 9, 11 or 13 tine which is spin-loaded. The first plowing in light land and heavy land should be used after plowing with mold board and harrow. It saves fuel. It can take 0.4-0.6 hectares of land per hour.

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