Petrol Brush Cutter

A well constructed, lightweight yet powerful straight shaft petrol brush cutter, the MTD SBC26D will cut through long grass and dense undergrowth. Powered by a reliable and fuel efficient 26cc MTD two-stroke engine, the SBC26D is supplied with a bump feed nylon line head. This tap feed system readjusts the length of the cutting cord by simply bumping it on the ground. A 255mm three tooth metal brush cutting blade is also included for more heavy duty applications. As its...

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Mini thresher machine

The Multi-Crop Thresher (MCT) is an agricultural product that can thresh various types of crops in just one machine. These crops include maize, sorghum, barley, and rice. The Thresher aims to improve quality of life, strengthen value chains, and contribute to food security. This is done by producing a cleaner agricultural product that can be used more efficiently reducing the amount of hard labor.Designed for portability in the field and around rural settings, it is equipped with two wheels. It...

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