• Rotavator is a tractor-drawn implement which is mainly used for seed bed preparation within one or two passes and is suitable in removing & mixing residual of maize, wheat, sugarcane etc., thereby, helps to improve soil health and save fuel, cost, time & energy as well.

This variant of Landforce Rotary Tiller is suitable for loose soil and thus is very much compatible with low HP tractors. It is very useful and effective for puddling (paddy/rice field preparation with water) It’s less weight is strength of the product that allows the rotary tiller to move in loose soil with low HP tractor easily.

These can be divided into three categories: light, standard and heavy duty depending upon the weight and design of the materials used as per the requirement of different soil conditions across India.

Engine Specification of combine harvester 

  • 101 BHP
  • 5meter length 
  • Fully Air Conditioned Cabin for driver