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Agricultural work to be carried out in the month of January

?Wheat Crop-For the prevention of leaf and stem clover, imidacloprid 200 g per hectare or cholesterol 25 EC. Use 250 grams of medicine per hectare. Propyconajol spray the solution of 0.1 percent. After 17 to 18 days after sowing in the late varieties of wheat, after irrigation, after 15-20 days after irrigation. To save the wheat crop from the rat, use the fossil fiber made from jackfruit or the tikia made from aluminum.Vegetables-Plant onion plants. After transplanting of...

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Need for Soil Testing

There are about 20 elements essential for plant growth out of which primary and secondary elements like N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S are involved in major metabolic functions of plants and their deficiency in soil affects crop yields. Soil PH is also one of the crop growth limiting factors which indicates acidic or alkaline soil condition under which growth of plants is restricted. Salt concentration is also one of the plant growth limiting factors.Soil testing therefore involves...

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