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Green manure wheat

After harvesting wheat in April-May, irrigate the ground. 50 kg in standing water in the field. seeds of the dhankha at the rate of the need to light irrigate the crop in 10 to 15 days, if needed, dispersing nitrogen fertilizer at the age of 20 days helps in forming the nodule. The solution is resolved in 55 to 60 days. Green compost is mixed again in the field. In this way about 10.15 tons per ha. Green manures are available at the rate of 60-80 kg of nitrogen per day. Is received. Drying of...

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Napier green fodder 5 years plan

Animals have the most trouble of green fodder in the summer. Seeds like bursim, maize, and jowar get green fodder for three-four months. In such a way, once the napier grass is put to the cattle owners, green fodder can be found for four to five years.It does not require much irrigation. The napier that looks like sugarcane can grow in just 50 days after planting grass and can meet the need of nutritious diet for the next four to five years.VK Singh, deputy director of Animal Husbandry...

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