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Agricultural work to be carried out in the month of November

The crops grown in the month of July or August are ready till November and this crop is harvested in the month of this month and after harvesting the crop wheat, barley, gram, lentils, mustard, sugarcane, coriander, onion Ready for potatoes and peas etc. The farming of the crop started in October can be done in November. The sowing of the crops which has been done in October has been done by irrigating it in the fields and the work of Khudar is done.Due to the moisture present in the field...

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Cultivation Of Fenugreek

This is a major crop of spices. Protein vitamin C and mineral elements are found in its green leaves. Seed is useful in spices and medicines. It is cultivated in commercial level in India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. India is the main producer and exporter of fenugreek. During the year 2015-16, India has earned foreign currency worth 143 crores from the export of fenugreek and its products.Land and Climate: Fenugreek can be grown in all types of land with good...

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