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Precautions and Tips in Thresher Operations

Major causes of thresher accidentsAccidents are mainly due to the lack of proper information and the use of some unsafe machines while working on threshers. According to a survey, about 73 percent of accidents are caused by human factors, 13 percent for mechanical reasons and the remaining 14 percent of accidents are for other reasons. Therefore, to prevent these accidents, we need to make...

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Tulsi farming will increase in the coming days for good news for farmers

Tulsi is such a medicinal plant, which is a very effective plant. This medicinal plant is also called basil in the English language. The demand for this plant is done to make a lot of medicines. Apart from this, this plant is used in every home. Due to its medicinal properties, this plant is found in every home. Its plant is grown in the climatic conditions of almost all areas of India. In some...

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