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Avoid Peanut From Major Diseases

Tikka-parsing diseaseThis disease is the major disease of the peanut, the symptoms are displayed on leaves, stems and branches. Scientists have estimated 22% reduction in yield. The pancreatic disease is caused by infection with a fungal organism, two types of fungus infections this disease, hence the symptoms of disease also appear in two ways.Symptoms: Advance leaf blurred (Cercospora Aarhadicola)...

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Disease control and management of sheep and Goat

Blue tongue (BT)About this disease-This is acute infectious but not contagious disease of sheep characterized by fever, inflammation and ulceration of buccal mucosa and tongue. This disease mostly affects sheep and goat and cattle are very rarely affected.Blue tongue is endemic in India.It is basically a disease of sheep and young sheep within the age group of one year are more prone to...

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