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Mite Problem in agriculture

Mite is a very small creature that is more than 200 species of orthopod organisms and mite of more than 48,200 species, of which some of these species reside in water and soil, many of these species Water and soil reside freely, today in agriculture, the mite eriophyidae and the takerldi aggregate have become major cannabis for agriculture.Mite identification:-Due to the four pair of legs in this organ, it looks different from other creatures.-Due to being very subtle...

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Import duty on gram and lentils

The government has decided to impose 30% import duty on gram and lentils with immediate effect. Chana and lentils are expected to be more productive during the upcoming Rabi Season and if unlimited permission for cheap imports are allowed, then the interests of farmers will be affected. To keep these things in mind, the government has decided to increase the import tariff to protect the interests of the farmers along with this.At the present time, split pigeon peas(Tuar...

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