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Major Diseases and Diagnosis of Soybean

Foot rot (Collar rot) - This disease occurs in the early stages. High temperature and humidity are suitable for this disease. This is soil borne disease.Management - Plow deep into the heat. For seed treatment use 2 grams of thyme and 1 gm carbendazim per kg seed. Drip or destroy the diseased plant by placing it in polythene or on the outside of the farm. Make the solution of Bavistine in 2 grams of water per liter, and sprinkle the diseased plants over there.Gerua or Rust - The outbreak of...

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Dung prepared fertilizers, nutrition management and composting methods

Manure of cow dung: - Mixing of cow's manure such as cow, buffalo-goat, horse, pig, chicken and other birds and solid and liquid stool-urine, various nutrients such as beechvan, husk, straw, tree plantations etc. Is prepared ...The compost that is prepared from cow dung has three main components:1. Dung: The fresh dung of the animals is a complex mixture of many substances ... Water in the dung is approximately 70 to 80 percent and the solids contain 20 to 30 percent ... Solid materials contain...

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