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Steps being taken to stop cotton contamination: CCI

The Centre and the textile ministry are taking efforts to reduce contamination in cotton for the benefit of the textile industry, according to a senior official of the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI). This was in response to concerns expressed by stakeholders in the cotton and textile industry over the contamination in cotton and lower yield in India compared to other countries CCI Chairman and Managing Director P Alli Rani, in her address to the two-day 4th All India Cotton conference...

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Crop Protection: Pest of Chilli

Chilli thrips: Scirtothrips dorsalisSymptoms of damage: The infested leaves develop crinkles and curl upwards Elongated petiole Buds become brittle and drop down Early stage, infestation leads to stunted growth and flower production, fruit set are arrestedIdentification of pest: Nymph: Are small, linear, easily fragile abdomen with straw yellow colour Adult: Fringed wingsManagement: Inter crop with agathi (Sesbania grandiflora) to...

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