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Asparagus (Satavar) Cultivation

Asparagus is the most gentle herb, in which the human body, especially women, benefit in a wide range. It is a medicinal herb and its 500 ton roots are used in the production of medicines in India every year. Medicines prepared with asparagus are used to treat gastric ulcers, indigestion and neurological disorders. It is a bushy plant whose average height is 1-3 meters and its roots are in the flakes. Its flowers are in branches and 3 cm Are long. Its flowers are white and have good aroma and 3...

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Sugarcane Cultivation

sugar cane field-Selection of land and preparationGood water drainage is best for sugarcane. In summers, plow and vertically plowing the soil turning solution twice. In the first week of October, plow the soil from the bakhara and make the soil crispy and mix it with pata. Make drains at a distance of 3 feet with the help of the riser. But in the season (February-March) for the sugarcane to keep the drains gap 2 feet for the cane. At the time of last shoot, be sure to treat...

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