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How to cultivate maize?

Maize is called kharif crop, in many areas it is also grown in the form of sun. Due to its quality, it is more used today in human form than in earlier times. The properties in maize are as follows, Carbohydrate 70, Protein 10 and Oil 4% are found. All these elements are very necessary for the human body. At the same time, it is also the flagship of animals.Compared to other crops, maize is a low yielding crop and more yielding crops. If the farmer brother cultivates something carefully and...

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Soybean Cultivation

Soybean cultivation can be successfully done in all types of land, except for more light, light and sandy land. But the smooth loam with water drainage is more suitable for soybean. Do not take soybeans in the fields where the water stops.Summer plowing should be availed at least once in 3 years. After the start of the rain, the farm should be prepared by barking 2 or 3 times and by running pata. All the stages of insects causing harm will be destroyed. Cultivated and grazing soil soil is ideal...

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