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The three products planned to be introduced this year are -- Adexar, Seltima and Basagran. The fungicides Adexar and Seltima help to combat rice diseases, including sheath blight and blast.Solutions for Agriculture growers in India1.Seltima- A fungicide to control blast disease combined with our AgCelence features to improve grain filling & increasing yield, Seltima also ensures the necessary safety for aquatic organisms in the paddy water.Seltima

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Never burn crop residue.....!!

By burning the crop residue, the number of insects such as earthworms, spiders, is decreasing. Due to this natural control of harmful pests does not occur, consequently it is necessary to use expensive pesticides. The number of beneficial microorganisms present in the soil and their ability to work decreases. Due to decreasing the quantity of manganese substances, soil production capacity is reduced.Due to mixing in soil, the benefit is: The benefits of mixing crop residues in the soil of the...

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