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Why soil health card is better for farmers

Most farmers in India are uneducated farmers, hence soil health card was required and they do not know what kind of crops should be grown to get maximum yield. In fact, they do not know the quality and type of soil they can experience if the crops grow and whether the crop fails. But they do not know what they can do to improve the soil condition.Therefore, the government applies the Soil Health Card for the welfare of the farmers, in which you can do soil testing of your farm so that you can...

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Clusterbean Cultivation

VarietiesPusa Mausami, Pusa Naubahar, Goma Manjari and Pusa Sadabahar are the popular varieties of cluster beans.Soil Well drained sandy loam with pH range of 7.5-8.0 and warm climate is suitable for Cluster bean cultivation. This crop can tolerate salinity.SeasonSowing can be done during June- July and October -NovemberSeed rate About 10 kg of seeds is required for a hectare.Seed treatmentTreat the seeds with Rhizobium @ 600 g/ha using rice gruel as binder. Dry the treated...

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