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Why Cosavet Fertis WG is better ?

Sulphur Mills Ltd has introduced, improved COSAVET FERTIS WG a 90% Sulphur based fertilizer in water dispersible granules form. Application of this fertilizer is recommended to overcome Sulphur deficiency and nutrition stress in the soil.It can be applied along with UREA / DAP, thus there is no additional labour costs for application. It is unique in its compatibility with other soluble fertiliser through drip / sprinkler irrigation with no nozzle clogging. Available in...

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How to cultivate beetroot

beetroot also places important place in rooted vegetables. Use its roots as a vegetable and salad. Growing in the garden also has a special significance for a family. The size of the roots is like turnip. The lankin color is very special. The color can be called red red.The consumption of beetroot has a special place in raw salad and juice. In addition, they also use sugar industry. Some important nutrients are also obtained, such as proteins, calcium, Azilic acid, phosphorus and carbohydrateas...

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