This is a major crop of spices. Protein vitamin C and mineral elements are found in its green leaves. Seed is useful in spices and medicines. It is cultivated in commercial level in India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. India is the main producer and exporter of fenugreek. During the year 2015-16, India has earned foreign currency worth 143 crores from the export of fenugreek and its products.

Land and Climate: Fenugreek can be grown in all types of land with good drainage and adequate organic matter. But loam soil is good for it. It is a cold weather crop and can also bear some level of leg and salinity. For the initial increase of fenugreek, moderately warm climate and low temperatures are suitable, but during the time of hot and dry weather, it is beneficial for the yield, if the sky is covered with clouds, when the crop is formed and the fruits of the disease and disease outbreak The probability increases.

Preparation of the farm: Planting 3-4 in the heavy soil and 2-3 ploughing in light soil should be applied and should be removed from the weeds. At the time of ploughing, 25 kg quinalphos should be added to 1.5% of the powder to protect against underground insects.

Effective point for higher yield:

  • Sowed seeds of certified and succulent advanced varieties.
  • Place the plant at a fixed number and distance.
  • Must be weeding and weeding.
  • Use fertilizers
  • According to the irrigation land and crop requirement.
  • Use crop circle and crop protection measures.
  • Harvest the crop at the time.