The crops grown in the month of July or August are ready till November and this crop is harvested in the month of this month and after harvesting the crop wheat, barley, gram, lentils, mustard, sugarcane, coriander, onion Ready for potatoes and peas etc. The farming of the crop started in October can be done in November. The sowing of the crops which has been done in October has been done by irrigating it in the fields and the work of Khudar is done.

Due to the moisture present in the field after the harvesting of paddy, there is a danger of being termite in the wheat seed, hence, after harvesting of the fields, the farm is taken up and given the medicine to kill termite, which reduces the risk of termites. Gets it. And it is sown till mid-November or last week.

If you want to cultivate coriander then put it in the first week of November. This is the best time to apply coriander. You can use a variety of coriander to apply it.


If you do sowing vegetables in the month of November, then you can transplant tomato or cabbage varieties of cabbage. Plants grow in the cultivation of cauliflower and tomatoes in farmland. At this time plants need irrigation, compost and pesticides as per requirement. You can irrigate the soil by planting insecticides and compost in its plants. Vegetables can be grown in the month of Satvari, Bean, Peas, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Spinach etc.

Carrots, Turnip

  - Vegetable carrots, girls and turnips, which are set in August-September, are fully prepared in the month of November. Before digging it well, digging well in the fields makes digging easier.

Tomatoes and cabbage

 - Tomato farming starts in October and flowers and fruits start growing in the month of November. At this time, fruits or flowers are aggressive against many types of keto which destroys the crop. Therefore it is necessary to spray pesticides on tomato plants this month.

Ginger, Garlic and Onion

 - You can sow the ginger, garlic and onion crops used for the whole year. You can cultivate it in a mixed form with potatoes.