Turmeric is a tropical herb and India has good yield of turmeric. If seen as an exporter, then India is also a pioneer in its exports. It is used in beauty, toiletries, Manglik works, religious rituals, religious rituals and dev worship etc. Hot and wet weather is suitable for its cultivation, many varieties of Turmeric have been developed in the country. More profit can be earned by preventing the insects and diseases involved in it. Only 90% of the world's production is produced by India alone. In India, turmeric is cultivated in Bihar, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. In Bihar, turmeric is cultivated in Champaran, Sitamani, Muzaffarpur, Khagaria, Velusarai, Vaisali and Patna, as is the importance of turmeric in spices crops, as is the importance of paddy and wheat in the food grains. Due to India's climate diversity, the food system here is also different. But after the technical change in agriculture turmeric shows the demand in all areas.

Climate and Land

Turmeric can be grown mainly in different areas and about 1500 meters above sea level in the upper areas. Hot and humid weather is available for cultivation. The temperature of these areas should be 20-35 ᴼC and annual rainfall is approximately 1500 millimeters. In irrigated conditions, it can be grown in any fertile land, but for its cultivation, the balu loam or matiyar Loam land is the best. Proper management of fertile and water exhaust in the land should be the PH value of land should be 4.5 to 7.5 and organic bacteria should be abundant.
Farm preparation

Do the first plowing soil rotate solution, then do two to three plowing with native solution. Sprinkle the soil every time by plowing it. At the time of last plowing, the manure of 20-25 tons of cow dung should be 325 kg of superphosphate and 200 kg of M.M.P. Mix the soil well with the soil. If there is a possibility of termite in the soil, then add 5% of the Eldeen dust 5% in the soil at 25 kg per hectare and make the farm level by placing it in the field. At the same time, make drains for drainage in the field at a distance of 5 meters. The depth of these drains should not exceed 15 centimeters in the direction of the gradients.

Seed Amount and Seed Treatment

For pulse of turmeric use only the tuber or shoulder both the candle or the shoulder of 20-25 grams of the seed should be used in the direction of the shoulder, while keeping the pulse for sowing, it should be noted that in these Condo requires at least two eyes, 6-8 needles for sowing in one hectare land. By planting it in the field, these candles will be 2.5 grams indosulfan M-45 + 0.1% Vavistin The solution should be treated by sowing for half an hour and sowing it for sowing. Once prepared, the solution should not be used more than three times to treat turmeric lumps.