Tulsi is such a medicinal plant, which is a very effective plant. This medicinal plant is also called basil in the English language. The demand for this plant is done to make a lot of medicines. Apart from this, this plant is used in every home. Due to its medicinal properties, this plant is found in every home. Its plant is grown in the climatic conditions of almost all areas of India. In some states of India like Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, Tulsi is cultivated commercially.

Basil plant is planted in Kheto in the first week of July. The plant should be placed at a distance of 45 centimeters. RRLOC 12 and RRLOC 14 types of plants are planted at 50x50 centimeters. To plant basil, only healthy plants should be selected. So that the yield is good and the profits should be made as much as possible.

The future of basil farming -
Tulsi cultivation will increase a lot of time in the coming days, as the diabetic patients are increasing every day, the demand for Tulsi has increased in native and foreign pharmaceutical companies, due to which they are cultivating farmers by giving seed and Once the crop is harvested, they are buying basil leaves at the right price, in the coming time, its prices will increase by 20 percent.