Major causes of thresher accidents
Accidents are mainly due to the lack of proper information and the use of some unsafe machines while working on threshers. According to a survey, about 73 percent of accidents are caused by human factors, 13 percent for mechanical reasons and the remaining 14 percent of accidents are for other reasons. Therefore, to prevent these accidents, we need to make people aware and secure the thresher mainly.
The main reasons for accidents on the Thresher are the spinning wheel with the speed and heavy momentum of this machine. These parts cause accidents due to the presence of body parts in the grip of threshing cylinders, fans or plates, etc. Most accidents are caused by the arrival of hands in the grip of threshing cylinders.
Choose the right machine

When buying a thresher, note that the filling shoot is made according to IS: 9020-2002. Whose filling groove length is at least 900 mm. And the width (at the mouth of the drum) is at least 220 mm. And the length of the covered part is at least 450 mm. It is not easy to reach the cavity with the hand. The incision of the covered part should be 10 to 30 degrees. Cropping of the filling shoot upwards from the thresher to a 5-10 degree angle, the crop easily reaches the thresher. There is no point in the filling groove anywhere.
When purchasing a thresher, note that the parts of the thresher rotating parts like pulis and stripes are properly covered with a thick wire mesh / casing iron.

Extreme fatigue - Invitation to the accident

Stop the work for some time after exhaustion. Some accidents are also due to excessive fatigue. Therefore, do not work on threshers in the case of fatigue, do not do the work of special-course crop shootings.
Keep the height of the shooter shoots equal to the height of your elbows. If the height of the filling shoot is high, then the hand has to be raised and the waist will be tilted when it is low - and both conditions tend to be overly exhausted.
Do not work more than 3-4 hours on Thresher.
Fire Rescue
Before placing the crop in the thresher, keep in mind that parts of the iron moving around the thresher, especially the parts inside the drum, are not loosened or are not rubbing. These can cause friction due to friction.
Do not let the electric wires on the ground open in the fields or pans where the threshers are running. This can cause a fire in the barn by leaving a spark and it can take a turn if any person comes in contact with the wire.
Thresher and tractor / engine should be installed so that there is no danger of blowing in the air from the sparkling air. Tractor / engine smoke pipe always be in an upright position and it is spark resistant.
As far as possible, do not place the thresher under any transformer or electric wires.
Do not smoke at all in the barns and do not let anyone do this.
For prevention of accidents by fire, keep a sand pile and buckets in the barn etc.