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Effects and Control of Carrot Grass

In addition to the very important vegetation in nature, there are some vegetation which is gradually taking the form of a curse, as soon as the rainy season starts, a vegetation like carrot-like leaves grow fast and spread rapidly. Which is known as Parthenium histarophorus i.e. congras gras or carrot grass.It is a member of Asteraceae Group. It is currently one of the world's seven most harmful plants and it is considered highly harmful to human and domestic animals as well as to the entire...

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Natural tonic for Farm - Green manure

Green manure is a boon for the land. It also improves the structure of the land and also provides nutrients. As the animal is good for feeding the content of the fibers such as fiber, it is good for the health of the farm so much use of fiber compost (green manure) in the fields. Green manure is a type of organic manure that is formed from early disintegrating green plants, especially pulse growing in the same field and planting it in soil.The living and active soil is called the same, in which...

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